EIN/Tax ID # 76-0812570

Rush FM Bali Radio Live Streaming

Rush FM Radio 98.2 FM is the first ever radio station to exist in Bali Nyonga, Cameroon. It is a community based FM radio station broadcasting from Petit Coin, Ntanfoang, Bali Nyonga, Cameroon. It is the communications department of the only soccer club and soccer school in Bali Nyonga, Rush Football Club, Bali (Rush FC Bali). At Rush FM Radio, we use the airwaves and soccer to fight poverty and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria in Cameroon. Soccer is like a religion in Cameroon, so people listen to our programs thanks to our soccer club, Rush FC Bali. Rush FC Bali is the official partner in Cameroon for the largest youth soccer organization in the world, Rush Soccer, which is based in Littleton, Colorado, USA.


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